Personalized Photo Editing Tutorial. Tatiana Tetereva

Personalized Photo Editing Tutorial

Based on YOUR Photos.

This is an option for those who cannot take a live Skype session for whatever reason (bad Internet connection, time zone difference, etc).

You send me one or several photos in the RAW format, I edit them and record all the process as a tutorial. I do give detailed explanations in English while editing. 

The duration is about 30 mins per 1 photo. 

The cost depends on the number of photos that you want to be edited.

The cost for the first photo is 55$ USD, each additional photo — 45$ USD.

For example, if you send me 3 photos for editing, the duration of the tutorial will be 1,5 hours with the cost being 55+45+45=145 $ USD.

The tutorial is emailed to you within 7 days after I have received your photos.

Language: English
Duration: starting from 30 mins
Photos explained: starting from 1

The cost: starting from 55 $ USD

How to buy?


Contact me to request payment details.

I accept PayPal and Western Union.

Please notify me after you have made the payment.


The download link is E-mailed to you within 24 hours after payment.

This time is necessary to personalize the video as well as to cover possible time zone difference.


You can download and save all the tutorial files to your hard drive to watch them whenever you like.

If you happen to have any questions after watching the tutorial, please feel free to ask!